paper abstract

→ abstract paper works


more assemblages → here


→ dove sono fumetti → other comics

paper works

various paper works → here


→ collages

Great Masters of Art Remix collage serie

→ more works → saatchi art portfolio

ads & design removal paintings

a serie of works of ad defacing by painting → here

transparent photography

photo assemblage

→ photo assemblages

graphic distortions

→ gallery of distortions

scan glitches

→ scan glitch works

noses, eyes, faces

undefined street object


More nothingness → here

sketches & notes

→ drawings, illustrations, sketchbooks


→ drawings, illustrations, sketchbooks

attenzione alle biglie

Attenzione alle biglie sparse per terra


→ ink works set

giraffe readymade

3d anaglyphs

Anaglyph digital illustrations (published by “Dernier Cri” and “Squame / Ecailles” fanzine) → on behance

photomontage installations

→ photo set

unsaleable piece

art of titles

The Art of the Title of Artworks: when a title has its own independent value, the artwork becomes a frame.

blindfolded portraiture

The Art of Blindfolded Portraiture (Ritrattismo Bendato). Piazza Navona, Roma, 2011.

fake book dropping

Alcuni titoli improbabili, pubblicati da una sconosciuta casa editrice, sono riusciti tuttavia a guadagnare la vetrina di una grande libreria di Roma.

sponsored piece

momenti sponsorizzati di vita quotidiana

Inserzionismo gratuito

Causa trasloco regalo bicicletta in oro massiccio semi-funzionante (gomme da rifare).

the movement of art in movement


Assistenza Culturale Telefonica, 1997, Graffio (Bologna) [programma primo giorno]

hanging sky (on canvas)