dove sono

DOVE SONO, il libro DOVE SONO su facebook DOVE SONO fumetti

zilla soup

nada trio – la posa

Copertina e immagini interne per il disco del Nada Trio – “La posa” (Warner Music Italia, 2017) offtopic magazine ->

circles loop

lizard ¿

more ?¿? here

//// ° | ° \\\\

scan glitch installation

(L’Aquila, Italy, oct 2014)       Off Site Art

snow monkey poster

more monkeys


some minimalist paper abstractions

animasks poster game

50 cm x 70 cm 6 paper masks + 3 dice Other mandrils here

comics scenery

Emptied comics a flickr set

tictoc paper rings postcard

Postcard design, including 3 different paper rings to cut out and “play with”. Designed to target kids, teens and women ...

monkey papertoy postcard

Monkey Papertoy Postcard on Behance

graphic distortions

A gallery of wave – distortions here Others here, here , and here

3d anaglyph graphics

the images

vectorial drawings

applied vectorial illustration on Society6

1 and 3 t-shirts

Buy a Three English Words T-shirt


Some photomontage cuttings


some graphic patterns. In progress work here


more about this illustrated book project here

sex chairs

design for a chairs’ set

nose & eyes book covers

rose glass design

roseglass. wine glass with thorns, designed for heavy drinkers

strange objects

drawing sculptures

stupid rock n roll

line drawings

play guitar as a job

wardrobe – door design

A wardrobe-door…

all shook up

art remixes

– also see the saatchiart collection of the Great Masters of Art Remix Collage serie and / or the ®˩® ...