For this video project I choosed the subject of a never ending night car ride.
Starting as a dark lonely trip to nowhere,
it develops into a sort of psichedelic & dark journey into some grotesque world…



The switch to a ridiculous nightmare shouldn’t be too quick.

The singer – Leela – could appear in the rearview mirror, as if she’s seating and singing in the backseats of the car.


A ligtning in the dark, then a furious rain falls on the road, on the windscreen.
A plane is falling also, in the distance.
Then a large serie of objects (all those objects from the studio) start falling around too, along with the rain.
A sofa, a lamplight (alight), instruments…
A dinosaur falls from the sky, too, beyond a distant hill.



After a while, some big spider jumps in the middle of the scene.








The giant spiders could be many. Thousands are coming and jumping.
Their dark figures then turn the night road scene into total darkness.
The car stops, the scene fade to black.






We could have to stop for a while, waiting for the crowd of giant spiders to go away.

And in the meanwhile we could watch and listen one of these monsters starting to dance and sing…


A spider dark silhouette is dancing, making a web.


Then it turns out that the spider has a girl head.
(I’d like to put the close-up of Leela singing face onto the spider’s body, to make a spider-woman singing for a while).