[a draft project]

– In the garden of eden, the tempting snake, dancing slowly and singing.

– Inside the snake’s throat. His vocal cords / uvula vibrating.

– God strikes some dinosaurs by lightning.

– The world become darker and darker.
– Down in the river, abyss fishes wake up in the dark.
– The abyss fishes start dancing too.



– A man and a woman fall from the sky, on the ground. Dust clouds rise.

– A breadcrumb falls on the ground.
– A group of ants starts dancing around it, thanking the lord, with joy.

– A giant foot crushes onto them.
– It’s a hen. It picks up the crumb.

– The hen dances happily. Then ejects an egg.
– The egg is dancing with joy too.

– But the egg falls down from the hill, bouncing.
– It falls inside a house, straight into a pan.
– Instant omelette.

– Psichedelic sequence, geometrical.

– The hen ejects another egg.
– the egg hatches, releasing a fast growing, colourful dragon.

– The dragon starts dancing with joy.
– It’s so happy it devastates everything with fire.

– The flames dance in the black forest.

– Erupting, exploding volcanoes.







– Other animation, mostly abstract, will be mixed with live footage, txt, etc.